The Future is Public – Dutch and Turkish unions discussing public services

The Future is Public

(9 June 2022) Unions from the Turkish confederations KESK and DISK and the Dutch union FNV exchanged strategies to oppose the privatisation and commercialisation of public services. Hosted in the iconic building of the General Dutch Diamond Workers Union, the unions looked at developments in a broad range of municipal services and at the care sector. While there are large differences between both countries with Turkey still building its health and care system, the impact of commercialisation and privatisation is similar for workers and people as the less wealthy are left behind. The EPSU General Secretary participated explaining the work that is done in the Federation. We are at a turning point over the years of zealous liberalisation and privatisation. Many unions are engaged in struggles for the general interest and keeping our public services public.

The conference leads up to the UN Public services Day on 23 June.

Before the conference he joined an action of the Dutch and Turkish unions in solidarity with the Belarus jailed union leaders as part of the global day of action called for by the ITUC.

The conference took place 8 June 2022, Amsterdam.





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