FTT: don’t give up on the most popular tax ever, say 3500 organisations, representing 125 million citizens in Europe

Robin Hood Tax now

(3 December 2018) In a joint letter, 3500 organisations, representing 125 million citizens in Europe, including EPSU, ETUC and PSI and many affiliated national unions, urge the 10 EU governments that have been negotiating an EU Tax on Financial Transactions for 5 years to not give up or reduce so much the scope of the tax that it will fail to raise much needed billions of Euros for the general interest, re-regulate the financial industry, not the least by reducing high frequency trading, and contribute to avoid yet another crash.

Today, 3 December, an EU ministerial meeting is due to take place which might be the last chance for a deal between the 10-FTT negotiating bloc.

The letter was sent by the national campaign groups to the  Finance Ministries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain is here in EN

The letter’s signatories can be found here.