Fringe Meetings during the 10th EPSU Congress in Dublin (9)

EPSU Congress Circular No. 9 (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

18 December 2018

10th EPSU Congress -  Fighting for A future for All

4-7 June 2019, Dublin

Fringe Meetings during the 10th EPSU Congress in Dublin

Dear Colleagues,

The 10th EPSU Congress is rapidly approaching. Congress will take place 4-7 June 2019 in Dublin. A tradition in Irish trade union congresses is for participants to organise public side meetings called fringe meetings. Fringe meetings are not part of the official programme but they will be announced at congress and linked to the debates at congress. These fringe meetings add content and allow discussions to continue in addition to the debates in Congress. .

To plan and ensure there is available space we invite you to indicate to us if you plan to organise such a fringe meeting, on which issue and with whom at the 10th EPSU Congress. There is a limited number of rooms which can be booked (at lunch and other moments when Congress is not taking place) This allows us to make a reservation of a room. This call is closed by February 4th 2019.

Please fill in the attached form if you wish to organise a fringe meeting. If you know of an organisation that would like to join, we are happy to accommodate EPSU friends and allies. It would have to be together with an EPSU affiliated organization. If there are proposals which relate to a similar subject we will propose to the organisers to work together.

Any cost related to a fringe event will have to be covered by the organiser / the sponsoring union(s). There are no possibilities for simultaneous interpretation (with booths). We will allocate the precise time of the fringe meetings inside the Conference space once we have received all requests.

If you have any question about fringe meeting please contact [email protected].

We thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Yours sincerely,
Jan Willem Goudriaan
EPSU General Secretary


  • Request form for organising a fringe meeting (EN only)

  • EPSU Congress Circular No. 9 (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)