French workers fight to protect public energy services

French workers fight to protect public energy services

(26 January 2022) Four French unions within the largely state-owned EDF energy company are taking action today, 26 January 2021, in protest against further restructuring of the company.

The protest follows the French government’s recent decision to increase the volume of ARENH (share of nuclear production reserved for competing suppliers). This decision, intended to curb rising energy costs, is a short-sighted ‘solution’ that risks jeopardising the future of the group, its employees and its public service missions. While Europe is indeed facing the dual challenge of an energy cost crisis and an energy transition, the solutions must be taken with a long-term strategy in mind – one that considers the consequences of energy market deregulation.

EPSU supports the mobilisation of FO, CCFE-CGC, CFDT and FNME-CGT to protest the most recent attack on the EDF. The French government cannot gamble with the livelihoods of over 100,000 workers in pursuit of a short-term solution to a long-term, structural problem. We express our solidarity with workers fighting to protect a vital public energy service.

EPSU and industriALL Europe sent a solidarity letter to the unions mobilising within EDF.

French unions thank workers for the massive participation in the joint strike action EDF