French health unions strike on Valentine’s day - From Ukraine with Love

Ukrainian health workers showing solidarity with French health workers. Protest before French embassy in Kiev  14 February 2020

(17 February 2020) The French unions organized a national day of strikes and protests on Ventine’s day 14 February. They showed their love for patients, workers and public health care and their anger over the government actions. The participation was massive across the country. The unions received unexpected support from the Ukrainian health workers. They organized a protest outside the French embassy in Kiev.

Départ à Paris de la manifestation des personnels hospitaliers, jour de #SaintValentin, pour déclarer leur « flamme à l’hôpital » mais aussi exiger d’avantage de moyens et d'effectifs pour l‘hôpital public.#hopitalpublic #hopital #Paris #servicepublic #greve14fevrier

— Charles Baudry (@CharlesBaudry) February 14, 2020