Free Lula – The unfair imprisonment of former president Lula

23 April 2018 Free Lula action Brussels

(23 April 2018) On Monday the 23rd April a demonstration was held outside the Brazilian embassy in Brussels in protest of the unfair imprisonment of former brazilin president  Lula.

Not long ago Lula began to serve a 12-year prison sentence for a corruption conviction seen as highly controversial. Brazil’s Fourth Federal Regional Court has denied Lula’s latest appeal.

Trade unionists and supporters of democracy  joined together outside the Brazilian embassy in Brussels to show their support and protest against the unfair treatment he has received. Lula’s case has been taken to the UN Human Rights Council, by his lawyers, as he was founded guilty on the on the basis of little to no evidence. His human rights have been violated and his right to freedom has been denied. The European Public Service Union  stands in solidarity with our Brazilian colleagues and sends all its support.

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