Framework of Action for Training and Nuclear Safety on agenda of social partners

(17 September 2012) The trade union side submitted a proposal for a [framework of actions on training->art8748] at the last social dialogue committee. The employers gave their positive reaction and indicated that the priorities for the employers side coincided largely with those of the unions. An important issue for both sides is the link between the national and European level. An area of discussion will be the nature of the commitments to be undertaken to make progress and ensure the electricity sector will have a highly skilled and qualified work force in the future. Another topic was the improvement of the safety and security framework for nuclear energy. The European social partners contributed to the discussion with their joint statement in 2011. The European Commission had requested the social partners to issue on opinion on the public consultation on the reforms of the nuclear safety framework under Euratom. The social dialogue committee had a discussion with Commission representatives on the process of consultation, the impact assessments and if the social partners will be requested to negotiate on the social aspects like they would be under the Treaty. Under the Euratom Treaty neither the European social partners nor the European Parliament play their usual role. It is Member States who decide. The social partners requested more time. Other issues considered: - Update of the project on Mapping of bodies and institutions that deal with skills and qualifications and the labour market. The conference is 15 November - [5th Social Forum of the energy community->art8954] - Issues for the November agenda include forthcoming Communication on the evaluation of the internal market electricity and gas; energy roadmap 2050 The next plenary of the social dialogue committee will be on 16 November 2012, Brussels. For EPSU, affiliated unions from France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the EPSU Deputy General Secretary participated.