Follow-Up/Outcomes WGEC 10-11 September 2014

The WGEC Committee in its meeting of 10-11 September 2014 has elected and re-confirmed the following Presidency team for the new Congress period 2014-2019: -* Gloria Mills, Chair, UNISON nominated by English-speaking Constituency -* Alexa Wolfstädter, Vice-Chair nominated by German-speaking Constituency -* Kalle Liivamägi, ROTAL nominated by the North-Eastern Constituency We have adopted a [Work Programme for the mid-term period 2014-2016/7 which you can access here->art10734] In the preamble of EPSU’s Constitution it is stated that “EPSU is committed to achieve 50% representation of women in its own structure”. While a lot of affiliates have successfully achieved this target, a lot of work remains to be done within affiliate structures but in particular in EPSU’s own structural bodies as the Standing Committees or the Executive Committee. {{Women in EPSU 2014 - Participation in EPSU committees}}
Committee % women % women in membership
HSS 70 82
LRG 40 53
NEA 40 47
PUT 10 32
EC 40 68.5
Therefore we have updated [the report from 2009 about EPSU’s representation of women in affiliates structures, which is available in the key documents section->art10735] and where you can find more detailed and specific data.