Five reasons why action is needed now to promote quality public services in Europe

-# Europe must mean more to citizens than the free movement of goods, capital, services and people - Europe is about having a shared vision for common prosperity and well-being;
-# Quality public services are key to meeting citizen's fundamental rights as well as the EU's objectives of cohesion, sustainable development, gender equality, equal treatment between workers, full employment and competitiveness;
-# The principles that underpin public services - such as universality, continuity, affordability, democratic control, and user protection - are shared across Europe and are part of our common values;
-# Europe must align its competition rules to ensure that future generations have access to quality public services that are run on the basis of solidarity;
-# A European framework law, as a counterweight to the liberalisation agenda, is needed to underpin quality public services as part of the European social model, and to safeguard the rights of national, regional and local authorities to meet their citizens' needs.

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