First follow-up of Joint position on the social aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

European Social Dialogue Committee for the Electricity Sector, EURELECTRC/industriAll Europe/ EPSU

Positive actions on Training/Health & safety/Equal opportunity & Diversity

(22 January 2014) Following the 2009 Joint Statement on the social aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, the social partners in the European electricity industry, represented by:
EURELECTRIC for the Employers
EPSU and industriAll Europe for the Trade unions
recall that:

Given its economical and societal role and the impact of its activities, adequate CSR policies are of great importance for the European electricity industry.

In 2004, the social partners agreed on a framework defining their further activities related to CSR
policies. In 2006 they launched a study ‘“Describing developments in the European electricity sector –
Drivers for change: Corporate Social Responsibility” and organised a conference on CSR policies in the
electricity industry. A report was published in December 2007.

In the past, the social partners have also produced a number of studies and published joint statements
on issues related to CSR such as: equal opportunities & diversity, skills needs and health & safety.

Moreover, two more studies (funded by the European Commission) have recently been finalised: one on demographic change and another on restructuring in the electricity industry.

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