First European Works Council in private health care company

Capio is the first health care company to conclude a European Works Council agreement. Privatisation of health care contributes to the creation of multinationals in this sector.

“EPSU firmly believes in public health care, says EPSU Deputy General Secretary. Nonetheless workers in the European private health companies want to discuss central management's policies, influence decisions and work to improve working conditions. The EWC is an instrument to achieve this.”

The special negotiating body of the Swedish company Capio signed the agreement to establish a European Works Council, 27 June 2006, Brussels. Some remarkable points in the agreement:

- Capio commits to a positive attitude towards workers' representation and trade unions;

- It will inform and consult on the usual subjects such as cut-backs and closures and collective redundancies, employment, economic and financial developments but also on employee surveys in the company, the development of indicators and the quality system in the company;

- The EWC will meet 2x a year with preparatory and de-briefing meetings. It will also be able to organise training for EWC members.

- The company is active in France, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain .It has the ambition to grow and expand in these countries and beyond; It employs currently more then 12.000 employees.

- EPSU's Jan Willem Goudriaan assisted the SNB during the negotiations.