Fires in Spain and Portugal worsen due to austerity

Trade unions in the Iberian peninsula have denounced how the austerity measures have a huge impact in the extension of summer fires. Spanish trade union Comisiones Obreras denounces that fire are not the consequence of austerity but the cuts in human resources and the lack of renewal of material have a huge impact in the efficacy of fire services read more.

The critics of the unions correspond with the findings of the study EPSU commissioned from Syndex on 'The impact of Austerity policies on Environmental Protection Agencies'. That study noted that funding available for environmental protection is declining in many countries due to austerity policies. EPSU and affiliated unions have warned that such cuts will pose security and safety problems in many areas and affect workers, businesses and citizens alike. It is very sad to see this confirmed and have firefighters exposed to extreme danger with two firefighters killed and many thousands of citizens forced to flee their homes. The union argues that much can be done to prevent the fires with better management and this will also create jobs.

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