Finally - platform workers get rights and protections

Council of the European Union infographics Digital Platform Workers in the EU

Council of the European Union infographics Digital Platform Workers in the EU

(2 April 2024) The ETUC has made a more detailed analysis available of the platform directive. It indicates the significant advances, the hurdles with national transposition and a number of national situations were platform workers won new rights.

(12 March 2024) The Council agreed the position on the platform workers directive reached in February with the European Parliament on 11 March. The compromise will:

  • Give platform workers at least minimum wages. They are entitled to sick pay. 
  • The directive now recognises the presumption of employment, and the platform corporations will have to prove it is not the case.
  • Unions can be involved in the management of algorithms at the place of work.
  • It bans automated monitoring or decision making systems for processing of certain types of personal data of persons performing platform work such as biometric data or the emotional or psychological state of a worker.

The Council estimates that the number of people working through platforms will go up to 43 million in 2025.

As we reported, the French government sought to break a compromise reached in December open. Several Member States got along blocking the compromise and Council failed to approve the deal in February with France of Macron and Renew seeking further changes. The German liberals [rightwing] of FDP prevented the German government from taking position.  It was the Greek and the Estonian governments that agreed that the compromise reached with the EP negotiators was a good one for workers. 

Last minute lobby work of the ETUC, European Trade union federations including EPSU paid off. 

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