Fighting privatization, People over Profits, Organising on agenda PSI Executive Board

(28 November 2016) A presentation on the courageous Fight For 15 campaign in the US was received with big applause from union leaders across the globe. The unions and community groups are supporting fast food and other workers that earn less than 15 US dollars an hour. They and ten thousands of home, child and other care workers can not make ends meet with the pay they currently get. 64 million Americans earn less than 15 dollars. And employers like McDonalds refuse to recognise trade unions. The success of this movement to raise the legal minimum wages in many cities and states is a source of inspiration for many workers and unions as millions of workers will more money in their pocket due to this fight. It is an example of how unions can organise and campaign in difficult circumstances.

It was the start of discussions on the next PSI World Congress.  Members of the PSI executive discussed the programme of action, amendments to the constitution such as strengthening the place of young workers and role of sectors.  Congress will highlight successful actions of unions that have pushed the boundaries. The Congress slogans will be People over Profits and Our Time to Lead.  One of the important struggles of public service workers is to confront the myths of privatization. PSI will establish a Platform to bring together the facts and show the negative impact of privatization on workers and communities. A presentation of the Platform was provide to the Board.

Members adopted statements in defense of workers in Chile, dismissed trade union leaders in Liberia and on the situation in Peru.

The Board meeting took place 22-23 November 2016 in Geneva. It was chaired by Dave Prentis, PSI President. The EPSU President and General Secretary participated.