Fighting to end the gender pay gap – Join a union and make your voice heard

EPSU launches video on International Women’s Day

(8 March) Today on International Women’s Day EPSU launches a video, which makes the case for ending the gender pay gap and joining a union. International Women’s Day is more than a century old and yet the pay gap between men and women infuriatingly persists. Low pay in health and social services  is of particular concern to EPSU.

The video which can be viewed here acknowledges that the austerity measures pursued since 2007-8, have had a  negative effect on women’s employment and pay in the public services. It makes a strong case for diminishing and then eliminating the gender pay gap. Joining a union ensures women’s voices at work are heard.

Welcoming the new video EPSU Secretary General Jan Willem Goudriaan said: ‘Women working in public services deserve a pay rise. We will continue to campaign to end the gender pay gap. Public service unions across Europe are making the case for wage equality today.

‘The vast majority of public services are delivered by women. And within most public service  sectors women are paid less than men, this is unacceptable’, continued Goudriaan, ‘women delivering vital and much needed public services, deserve better’. Joining a union and making your voice heard at the work place and in society is a sure way to assist to close the gender pay and pensions gap.

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