The fight for public water goes on in Greece

OME-EYDAP reps visit EPSU

(26 February 2018) On Thursday the 22nd of February a group of trade unionists including the president and vice president of EYDAP visited the European Public Service Union (EPSU) to discuss the struggles they are facing with the water privatisation in Greece.

The trade unionists also visited the European Parliament and met with several Greek members of parliament to convey their concerns with the current privatisation of the water sector. They ask for European sympathy with the current fight to prevent privatisation and encourage people to stand together in this fight for a common goal.

EPSU affiliated trade unions in Greece have been campaigning on the sell out of state properties. The visit to Brussels was part of their effort to build solidarity and raise awareness on their issue.

A referendum for the privatization or not of EYATh (Thessaloniki water and sewerage company)  was held in thessaloniki in 2014 where out of 218,002 citizens who went to the referendum polls in 181 polling centers, 98% answered NO to the referendum question: "Do you agree with the privatization of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki? YES or NO? ".

The purpose of the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) is to collect under a single structure the assets of the Greek State, including participations in Public Enterprises of strategic importance, and to promote new standards, by exploiting the opportunities of current times, which will lead to the reform of their management framework, for the benefit of the public interest.

On the basis of common values and recognizing the importance of the Public Enterprises to support economic recovery, but also the need for better response to the challenges of a demanding economic environment, while improving the services provided to citizens and Greek businesses.

On the same day, EPSU organized a screening of Up to the Last drop a film by YORGOS AVGEROPOULOS that exposes the secret water war in Europe and addresses the issues of water privatization.