Fight against Ebola, austerity does not help

(1st June 2015)In the framework of the EPSU communicators action network meeting in Madrid, the different representatives from the trade unions visited the two hospitals in Madrid where Ebola patients had been treated. The two hospitals (La Paz and Carlos III) have been also at the forefront of the struggle against privatization and outsourcing. After a symbolic action to demand the exclusion of public services of trade agreements the delegation went on to visit the hospital facilities.

For EPSU and PSI this case has been very high on the agenda ( ) and ( ) and we have been campaigning to link the austerity cuts with the lack of an effective response.

In the visit also the delegation was able to exchange its views with the nurse assistant that was infected (Teresa Romero) about her experience during the peak of the infection.

In the visit we also received detailed information about the current safety protocols and how the authorities plan to fight this and other infectious diseases.


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  • Teresa Romero