Extra-ordinary meeting of the Suez EWC

(13 November 2007) The EWC discussed the proposed merger between Suez and GdF and its consequences for Suez Environment. The new project foresees in bringing 65% of the shares of the company to the stock exchange. This raises concerns regarding protection of employment, guarantees for the agreements which have been reached and the long-term strategy of the key investors. The EWC received a presentation from Secafi-Alpha on several outstanding questions. It also held a discussion with the CEO of Suez, Mr. Mestrallet. He stressed that there will be no job losses as a consequence of the merger. A key issue is the business plan for the new group providing details of branch level and country level development and investment. This will be discussed with the EWC..
A further meeting of the EWC of Suez will be organised. The meeting took place 9 November 2007, Paris. EPSU was represented by Nadja Salson.