Extra-ordinary meeting of the EWC of SUEZ

(21 December 2007) The meeting was called by management to demand an opinion of the Suez EWC on the merger with GdF, and the project to bring Suez Environment to the stock exchange.
Intense negotations took place to realise two important conditions: guarantees for the employees and a strengthening of the shareholders pact for Suez Environment that should protect the company against hostile take-overs.
An draft agreement was reached which deals with garanties for the workers involved against dismissals linked with the merger; a strengthened information and consultation process in case of sale of activities of the companies and commitments for workers involved; social clauses in commercial contracts; continued discussion regarding representation of European workers in the Conseil d'Administration; a strengthening of the functioning of the different committees which exist for water and waste. The agreements also includes a follow up committee. Also with regard to the second issue an agreement was reached between Suez and the French state which obliges the shareholders of the pact to keep their shares during 3 years, or face fiscal sanctions. The EWC asked for more time to prepare an opinion to take these elements into account.
A further EWC meeting will take place 7 January 2008.

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