Extra ordinary meeting EDF deals with employment and meets protesting Polish workers, Warsaw, 17 March 2004

The extra-ordinary meeting on employment developments in the Group EDF was organised at the demand of the EWC. It asked for updated information on employment issues (jobs, training, disabled, women, dialogue/ negotiations on restructuring). A document of 200 pages covering this information of companies in France, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Vietnam/China. The report used EPSU figures for European employment. Like EPSU the report demands the update of a European study (2000) on employment developments by the European Commission.

This information allowed for a debate on the company's policy dealing with restructuring with central management. Outsourcing of functions such as metering, billing, IT was the main topic. A preparatory as well as debriefing meeting were held as well. The EWC will formulate a position and demands to management based on the agreement reached on restructuring in may
2003. This lays down the orientations and principles in case of restructuring (anticipation, social dialogue, responsibility vis-à-vis the workers and local economies, subsidiarity and monitoring the implementation, integration and motivation of workers, solidarity in the group)

The EWC challenged the profits targets and current employment policies seeking a change to continued job losses.

The meeting of the EWC and presence of central management also saw a demonstration of over 100 workers protesting the job losses in the Polish industry. Central management met a delegation. It received a petition of the workers which was supported by the EWC. The EWC placed the discussion on employment also in the context of ongoing deregulation and the ETUC day of action 2 and 3 April 2004.

Jan Willem Goudriaan represented EPSU during the meeting.