The external dimension of the EU energy policy - EURELECTRIC / EPSU / EMCEF Joint response

EURELECTRIC / EPSU / EMCEF Joint response to the DG Energy Public Consultation “The external dimension of the EU energy policy” The social partners in the European electricity industry, represented by EURELECTRIC for the employers and EPSU and EMCEF for the trade unions, welcome the initiative by DG Energy to engage with stakeholders on the external energy relations of the EU. Notwithstanding the contribution that each organisation will individually submit, the social partners jointly agree on the following comments that we wish to see being taken into account in the further work of the European Commission. - The EU external energy relations and energy dialogues should take account of the values of the overall constitutional framework of the EU and reflect the views of the European Commission underlined in its Communication The Social Dimension of Globalisation - the EU's policy contribution on extending the benefits to all (Com 2004 -383) emphasizing the need for the EU to build the balance between economic, social and environmental imperatives into its external relations policies. - DG Energy and Social Partners should seek ways to cooperate in addressing the social dimension of the EU external energy relations. This includes: -* In the EU external energy relations, the European Commission should take account of the Just Transition and Decent Jobs agenda. This is also part of the Cancun agreement (December 2010) and EU policy; -* The European Commission should recognise the dialogue between the social partners as a valuable contribution in the European and neighbouring countries in shaping the external dimension of the EU energy policy and energy dialogue. As regards the EU side of an energy dialogue this is to involve the European sectoral social dialogue committees; -* Respecting and promoting a high level of health and safety in the work place; -* Evaluating with the relevant social partners the impact on employment and working conditions of developing the energy dialogues. - As European social partners we have been actively involved in the Energy Community process. The Memorandum of Understanding on the Social Aspects of the Energy Community is a worthwhile approach that could serve as a model to develop the social dimension and include a social chapter in the energy dialogues and EU external energy relations. The European Social Partners in the electricity industry are looking forward to discuss this joint position with the appropriate Commission staff. For EURELECTRIC, Emanuela PREITI, Chair of EURELECTRIC WG Social Affairs and Human Resources For EPSU, Jan RUDEN, Chair of Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Electricity For EMCEF, Bernd FRIEG, Vice Chair of Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Electricity
- Social partners joint letter to DG Energy
- response of the DG Energy