Exploitation of health care workers in Belarus

(8 September 2023) A new report shows that most doctors in Belarus are facing overtime and large workloads. Figures show that they work on average 55 hours a week, with unpaid overtime and shifts of more than 24 hours. As the independent union of health workers Panaceya been crushed by the Lukashenko regime, union activity repressed and many union activists in jail and the official union is supportive of the regime, health workers are being exploited by the regime.                                                    

The study shows the problems are more common in the hospitals than clinics. Doctors are forced to work long hours as income is low. Management further abuses the natural inclination of health workers to help patients despite large workloads. The quality of the medical services is negatively affected. The study finds that the system of labour exploitation reinforced staff shortages and reduces the attractiveness of working in health care.

The study was conducted by Panaceya (independent doctors union) and ByMedSol. Read the study here.