Expert webinar on EPSU case vs the European Commission (T310/18), on social dialogue and social partner agreements


(27 August 2020) The Universities of Louvain and Brussels are organising a webinar on a ground-breaking European legal case in which EPSU is involved and which will determine the future of the European level social dialogue 16 September. Registration is free and before 12 September. You are welcome to join.


EPSU asked the General Court to annul a decision of the European Commission in 2018. The Commission intervened in the social dialogue and refused to bring forward a social partner agreement to the Council. This agreement deals with Information and consultation rights for workers in central government administration.  The Court ruled on this case in May 2019. While recognising the mistakes the Commission had made, it did not agree with EPSU’s demand. Due to the fundamental nature of the case, and how the Treaty article on the social dialogue should be interpreted to prevent the political interference of the Commission in bargaining between the social partners at EU level, EPSU appealed. This is still under consideration.

The legal community is getting more and more interested in the implications of the case for European level social dialogue and the independence of bargaining. One of the implications of the ruling of the Court is that the Commission is granted almost absolute and unchecked powers as it can judge on an arbitrary basis if it brings forward social partner agreements to the Council or not. This is not how the Treaty was set up. But was it ?

To discuss the various legal arguments 2 Universities of  Brussels have teamed up with the University of Louvain. They bring together a varied group of experts to discuss different aspects of the case. The webinar is free. It takes place in the morning of 16 September.

For the programme - It includes a reference to the background material.