Expert group Drinking Water Directive

(26 January 2015) The European Commission has presented the (statistical) results of the public consultation on drinking water in the EU in a meeting to the Drinking Water Directive Expert group on 18 December 2014. This group consists of government representative from the Member States and a limited number of stakeholders, mainly from the water industry, and including EPSU. Clivia Conrad (Ver.di) participated in this meeting on behalf of EPSU and also represented the ECI Right2water. [The presentation is now available online->]. The open answers that have been given in the consultation are still being analysed. The main outcome is that the Commission proposes to use the answers to the public consultation for possible changes in the Drinking Water Directive (DWD), to be discussed in the next Expert group meeting foreseen for 26-27 May 2015. To ensure that any proposal for change in the DWD will be in line with our ECI demands (and not allowing the EC to ‘shop freely’ from the answers) we will take part in that meeting again. - Statistical results EU Survey on the Quality of Drinking Water
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