EWC Gaz de France negative opinion on merger; agrees social guarantees

(Brussels, 13 March 2008) The European Works Council of Gaz de France has given its opiniion on the merger with Suez, 11 March. It is negative. The EWC of Gaz de France underlines that the company will be more fragile when the distribution activities jointly organised with EDF will be split; that the future project does not provide guarantees for employment etc. The EWC also agreed with management on the social guarantees and issues an opinion on the future of the EWC in the case of the merger.

To read the texts:

- Avis du Comité d'Entreprise Européen du 11/03/08 (in French)

- Future of the Gaz de France European Works Council

(in French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and Romanian)

- Engagements de Gaz de France sur les garanties sociales
dans le cadre de la fusion Gaz de France Suez

(in French and German)

- Read Suez opinion

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