EWC Coordinators exchange on gender equality, company networks in HSS and the EWC directive

(6 February 2017) The major topics in this week’s EPSU European Works Council (EWC) Coordinators meeting in Brussels have been firstly the ongoing work on gender equality in the two EWCs ENGIE and Suez-Environment, secondly EPSU’s efforts to establish company networks in health and social services and thirdly the likely revision of the European Works Councils recast directive.

After recent developments in EWCs had been reported by Coordinators, EPSU’s policy officer Christine Jakob informed on achievements and future challenges regarding the issue of gender equality in the still male-dominated utilities sector and the EWC ENGIE’s and Suez-Environment’s role in that regard .

Guillaume Durivaux, EPSU’s responsible for EWCs, reported on the federation’s endeavors to build up company networks and European Works Councils in the health and social service sector, where private multinationals increasingly attempt to shape the market.

On behalf of ETUC, Wolfgang Kowalsky shared his view on the likely revision of the EWC recast. EWC coordinators contributed to this discussion by providing guiding principles and clarifications on their priorities based on a joint ETUFs position recently adopted.

Romuald Jagodzinski from ETUI gave an in depth talk on interesting legal cases concerning EWCs as much as enforcement and I&C procedures. Finally Nadja Salson, EPSU policy officer for National and European Administration, informed about the action plan on Whistleblower’s protection and gave an update on the EPSU tax justice campaign (focus on public country-by-country reporting).

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