European trade unions meet EU Commissioner over Information, Consultation and Participation Rights

Meeting EU Commissioner Thyssen with ETUC and ETUFs 23112018

(23 November 2018) More is needed to support and enforce the rights of European Works Councils on Information and Consultation Rights, was one of the messages of a delegation of trade union leaders that met with EU Commissioner for Social affairs and Employment 23 November. The union leaders provided examples of how companies are circumventing obligations to consult over restructuring denying workers an effective voice on the implications of such restructuring.  The union Federations want to see progress developing workplace democracy not just in the private but also in the public sector. Restructuring takes place in many public administrations but information and consultation rights for workers are not protected in EU law. Some governments are considering their civil servants as subjects that do not need a voice on decisions effecting their workplace, and are even taking away rights of workers. Legislative initiatives are needed.

The unions further underlined that the company law package as it is today undermines information and consultation rights. As such it goes against the spirit and text of the Pillar of Social Rights. It would allow companies to avoid information, consultation and participation obligations. The European Parliament employment committee has proposed improvements that should be supported. To avoid a fragmented EU legal framework on information and consultation rights an overall frame is needed.

ETUC position on Company Law Package and information and consultation rights