European support for Portuguese battle against privatisation of water

(10 April 2012) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and the Water Campaign “Water is a Human Right” support the initiative from the «Água de todos» campaign in Portugal.

This Portuguese initiative has in its core EPSU affiliate STAL. On April 12th the campaign will celebrate water as a public good. They will re-affirm their determination to keep it as a public good and as a Human Right. The organisers of the event do not want to see water in the hands of a few profiteers.

This campaign support the EPSU sponsored European Citizens' Initiative and it will be collecting signatures across Portugal agains the privatization process taking place in the country.

The speakers at the event will be: Arménio Carlos – General Secretary of the CGTP, Luísa Tovar, President of the Association Agua Publica, Francisco Braz, President of STAL, João Vieira, leader of the Confederação Nacional da Agricultura, Augusto Flor, President of Confederação Portuguesa das Colectividades (municipalities) amongst others.
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EPSU wishes them a successful event.

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