European Social Dialogue in the Court of Justice: Legal workshop results

Court Case EPSU vs EC information and consultation

(12 October 2020) The EPSU case vs the European Commission (T310/18) attracts attention in the legal and academic community. The General Court ruled that the Commission has broad powers to judge on social partners agreements and that the Commission hardly has to justify its decisions. An Amicus Curiae workshop addressed several of these arguments as it is hardly just that the Commission should have such sweeping powers.  The papers of the amicus curiae workshop on the EPSU case have now been published as a volume in the WP C.S.D.L.E. "Massimo D'Antona" Collective Volumes - 10/2020

The oral hearing in the Court case, now assigned to the Grand Chamber of the ECJ under the leadership of its President Koen Lenaerts, will take place 26 October 2020. A verdict is foreseen for several months after. The verdict will determine the place, role and usefulness of the Treaty articles on European social dialogue.