The European Pillar of Broken promises, Time for a Social Europe – One Year on - Slow Progress and disappointment

EPSU information and consultation booklet

(15 November 2018) On the one year anniversary of the EU pillar of social rights, EPSU publishes an informative booklet and leaflet on information and consultation rights – “The European Pillar of Broken promises, Time for a Social Europe”. In 2015 EPSU signed an agreement with central/federal government employers  to grant EU minimum standards on information and consultation rights to 9.8 million public employees in Europe (point 8 of the EPSR acknowledges these rights to all workers in Europe). Earlier this year, the European Commission refused to  present the agreement to the European Council. After co-signing the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Junker Commission has denied  9.8 million workers the right to information and consultation at EU level.

EPSU is challenging this decision in the European Court of Justice. It is now time for the EU to react, it is time for a more social Europe.

This informative booklet alongside a one page leaflet sums up the information and consultation agreement.  It explains, ahead of the European elections in May 2019, the ins and outs of the case and why the European commission must respect its own rules on social dialogue, information and consultation rights at work and equal treatment between all workers.

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Booklet : EN - FR - DE - ES - IT - PT