European Parliamentary rightwing backs Big Pharma – disappointing

EP Brussels © CanStockPhoto artjazz

(28 February 2024) The EPP, Renew and others on the right have voted (once again) to protect the interests of big business over those of workers, patients and people. On 22 February,  the EP committee for Industry (ITRE) approved extra extensions for intellectual property rights in a vote on the reforms of the Medicines Act. This will make it more difficult and more expensive for people to have access to affordable medicines. 

EPSU and others have long been campaigning for more affordable medicines based on more transparent and fair pricing. We support the fair-farma campaign of Belgian unions, mutualities, health activists and others. The next EP Committee to issue an opinion is the ENVI committee that deals with public health. The full parliament decides in April.

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EPSU joined the campaign for a different pharma policy with Our health is Not for Sale and the People’s Health Movement Europe. We will campaign on this on 7 April, Global Day of Health

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