European Parliament supports demand for whistleblower protection – you can help by signing the petition

(25 October 2017) Following a campaign of unions such as EPSU and Eurocadres, many social action groups and MEPs of several parties, the European Parliament adopted a report on the need for an EU initiative on whistleblower protection, 24 October. It is a great success and a support for people like Antoine Deltour, the whistleblower who informed the public about Luxleaks. Parliament’s report calls on the European Commission to take steps to bring forward a legislative initiative. The coalition has had meetings with the Commission and will deliver a petition with ten thousands of signatures to underline that the Commission needs to act. We demand horizontal legislation that covers public and private sector. It should allow whistleblowers to report both internally and externally. This means that the whistleblower should have the right to turn to public authorities, NGOs or the media. The role of whistleblowers is important for the public interest (safety, health, environment, tax justice…)

It is now time for the Commission to take the initiative and act. You can still help to give that message. Please sign the petition. Already over 80.000 people did. You can sign here