European Parliament refuses to listen to ECI organisers

European Parliament, make the ECI work! #EPForgetUsNot

(26 June 2018) On June 20th the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (AFCO) voted on the amendments and report on the proposal for an updated regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The mandate given has taken almost none of the demands by civil society.

A first joint open letter with 70+ co-signatories, was sent to all AFCO members prior to their Committee vote on the report on the ECI revision.

The majority of AFCO decided to disregard the call addressed to the European Parliament despite the fact that it came from a united front consisting of more than 70 civil society organizations (including first ever ECI) completely ignoring the call of these organization (see Press release about the vote) for a debate and vote in plenary on every single successful ECI.

On July 2nd at the start of the plenary sessions in Strasbourg, there is again a united call to withhold the mandate given to the EP negotiating team to enter into interinstitutional negotiations until the report contains an explicit commitment of the European Parliament to significantly increase its structural involvement in the follow-up to successful ECIs.The European Citizens’ Initiative is a unique process of agenda-setting within the European Union. However, through out the past six years, the ECI practice has proven that if not properly implemented and regulated, it can lead to very little outcome.

EPSU the backbone of right2water ECI supports more citizens involvement and democratic engagement.

For the REPORT on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European citizens’ initiative from the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)