European mobilization of health and care workers

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(Press Release, Brussels, 9 October 2020) Leaders of trade unions representing health and care workers that are affiliates of the European Public Services Union (EPSU) are calling for a European week of action 26-30 October. This call follows a meeting 8 October, in which the union representatives discussed how the pandemic was dealt with.

The second wave of the pandemic has begun even before the winter has even season started. It  once again puts health and care under massive strain. A rapid surge in cases is being witnessed across Europe. Again, unions report a lack of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), material and staff to withstand this new rise in infections. And many workers are still feeling exhausted and under stress after having dealt with the first wave.

Jan willem Groudriaan, EPSU General Secretary says “EPSU and its members urge the European Union and national governments to make PPE for staff available in all hospitals, and health and social service institutions.

We will stand up for our public health and social care systems so they can respond to the this and future pandemics”.

A week of action will take place from the 26-30 October across Europe. It will coincide with the call of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the global trade union federations for a day of action, “investing in care now”, on the 29 October.

Nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, elderly and home care and other frontline workers are mobilising across Europe with these demands:

- higher wages

- more staff

- quality care for all

We must ensure that the right lessons are learnt from this pandemic and that those at the forefront receive what is necessary to continue the fight against Covid-19. In the next few days, a manifesto explaining our proposals for future reforms of healthcare will be published, outlining the opportunities to transform health and social care in the long term.

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