European mobilisations on November 14

EPSU sends solidarity greetings to the hundreds of thousands of workers who will be supporting the ETUC’s European day of action on 14 November. Public service unions will be playing their part in the demonstrations and other activities and joining the general strikes in Spain and Portugal that are calling for an end to austerity.

The latest figures from the European Commission show the European economy shrinking in 2012. EPSU and the ETUC have argued for some time that the policy of co-ordinated austerity acts to undermine rather than support a potential recovery. For the full EPSU statement.

Messages and actions from affiliated unions

Crossborder campaigning against austerity Ver.di, GPA and Unia have agreed to organise a joint campaign to explain to their members and workers why public debts are so high. The German, Austrian and Swiss union will organise work place meetings and have developed joint campaign materials. The European day of Solidarity and Action 14 November is part of the campaign.

- For more information
- For the actions in detail

- We in UNISON stand alongside all those who oppose austerity

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