European Health Action week - Fighting for health and care beyond the pandemic

logo EPSU health action week

(30 September 2020) The main purpose of the mobilisation is to remind employers and policy makers that the promises made to healthcare and social service workers during the pandemic, including an increase in salary, the right to just and favourable working conditions, and the right to freedom of expression, need to be kept.

Today it is more urgent than ever to mobilise: the Coronavirus outbreak is showing us the importance of our public healthcare for the protection of the European population: while most of you are also involved in the discussions on how to reform healthcare based on the lessons learned from the pandemic, it is time to make our priorities visible, coordinated and remind everyone that the difference between a devastating pandemic and a well managed disease are the frontline workers dealing with it.

The action week will take place the last week of October, in particular the days from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th of October. Thursday 29th October will be the central day of the mobilisation week: it will also coincide with the ITUC Global Day of Action, “Invest In Care”. On Thursday 29th, we organise an action in Brussels.  There will be actions in other European cities, building on the mobilisations and demos that have taken place in recent months.

The action week will provide a wider framework to the mobilisations and activities of unions organising healthcare and social service workers. Indeed, the possibility to coordinate and concentrate mobilisations and actions into a week will provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to mutually nurture our national and European priorities and jointly send a strong message of solidarity, unity and cohesion.

For full details of the action week and to download the visuals  for the campaign please see here (members only area)