European framework-agreement EUPAE/TUNED for a quality service in Central Government Administrations

December 2012


Serving the general interest for the sake of the common good of the populations is the core mission of all public institutions including of the European Union. It provides legitimacy for their actions. The common values below are closely linked to this source of legitimacy as well as to fundamental human rights.

The European social partners - EUPAE (employers) and TUNED (trade unions) , for the central government administrations sector - stress the crucial role public authorities play in providing, funding, implementing and organizing public services in a way which meets users’ needs.

In a context of a major economic and social crisis, affirming common values and commitments to implement them are an essential vector for the trust of users and the image of administrations and public services.

In this text, a value is defined as a reference system which stakeholders can identify with, commit to and feel responsible for. Moreover, values are both a beacon for public action and an incentive for public employees and employers.

EUPAE and TUNED affirm their commitment to the public service values, including those contained in Protocol 26 on Services of General Interest annexed to the EU Treaty (TFEU) i.e. a high level of quality, safety and affordability, equal treatment and the promotion of universal access and of users rights, as well as to the fundamental rights established by the Charter of the European Union i.e. dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity and justice.

- For the full text of the agreement (EN/FR/DE/CZ/RO/EL/IT/ES/HU/PL)