European Energy Unions sign Transnational Solidarity Accord (15 June 2004)

Congress press release

EPSU delegates have unanimously agreed a transnational solidarity accord for the European Electricity and Gas sectors at their Congress today. The accord states that Companies who violate social standards, or companies that do not sign the appropriate collective agreement for the Electricity sector, will be targeted by all EPSU energy unions.

EPSU's energy affiliates will engage in a solidarity campaign to ensure compliance of the company with these standards. Companies operating in the European electricity and gas industry have to commit to the Core ILO Labour Rights Conventions.
These Core ILO Conventions are the right to organise and right to collective bargaining (87 and 98), equal opportunities and equal pay (100 and 111), no forced labour (29 and 105) and no child labour (138 and 182)

EPSU affiliated unions will not accept violation of these standards.

The adoption of this accord is well timed as French energy workers again took action protesting against the plans to sell off parts of the French Electricity sector. "A decision of this nature and importance cannot be taken when there is so much controversy, when there is expert advice on other ways of responding to the challenges facing EdF and GdF," said CGT president Bernard Thibault.


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