European energy ministers cannot waste more time


(24 November 2022)  Europe’s energy ministers are gathering in Brussels on Thursday, 24 November for an Extraordinary Council to discuss the ongoing energy crisis.

The meeting follows a proposed price cap on gas prices from the European Commission. The proposal is formulated in such a way that it would likely never be triggered.

EPSU calls on the ministers to not waste time on this futile proposal. Instead, the Extraordinary Council should focus on:

  • Shielding households from exploding prices. It was an error of the European Commission to propose abolishing regulation of prices for domestic households.
  • Redistributing windfall profits to those most impacted by high energy prices.
  • Address the structural shortcomings of a liberalised energy system.
  • Invest in the renovation of buildings and energy efficiency
  • Combat climate crisis and strengthen energy independence by accelerating the transition to low carbon energy.

The Commission proposal is clearly not the solution to the crisis. We need to act more decisively for Europe’s people and build a path towards a sustainable, fair energy future.

The European Council continues without reaching an agreement and yet another summit is expected mid December.

Find the Commission proposal here.