European elections 2024 – time for politicians to deliver quality public services for all

EPSU Manifesto European Parliament elections 2024 image teaser

(14 December 2023) This week EPSU publishes our key priorities for the European elections.  Much more than  a list of demands, EPSU first and foremost calls for a stronger commitment from the European Parliament to protect and promote the  democratic values and solidarity mechanisms that have shaped the European project.  

At a time of multiple crises, reinforced democratic values and greater solidarity between people can guide Europe towards a more social and ecological future. 

Citizens know that this is the direction which we need to take, and quickly.  But it must be fair, with richer groups in society contributing more than others. As the recent Eurobarometer showed,  the fight against poverty and social exclusion and public health are their tops priority, followed by action against climate change and support to the economy and creation of new jobs.

Citizens are far from being against ambitious ecological initiatives to tack climate change, as neo-liberals and the far-right are claiming.  What they do reject is the lack of accompanying social measures to support people make the changes that are necessary.  As it is said, “it is difficult to think about the end of the world if you cannot see the end of the week.”  A sustainable economy, quality jobs and a decent life for all are the key goals. 

It is here that public services can  play their full part in ensuring that changes to our growth-fixated economic model do not impact negatively on ordinary people.  With their emphasis on addressing real need and distributing resources fairly and efficiently, public services - from good administration, health and care, to education, energy, or water services - are key to securing  a just green transition for all, The European Parliament has a big task at hand to deliver the transition but people expect no less. 

EPSU's key demands for a Europe based on democratic values and solidarity (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

Powerpoint presentation of the EPSU Manifesto

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