European commission’s will to phase out regulated prices tempered by Council of the EU

In the last few months the European Commission, with its fourth energy package « clean energy for all Europeans » has called for the end of regulated tariffs for all domestic users within five years.

(10 January 2018) On the 18th of December, the energy council reached an agreement over the phase-out of regulated prices, following a large debate. The outcome being that the 5-year deadline for phasing-out regulated prices is withdrawn from the Commission’s proposal.  The ministries of Energy of the European union have allowed each member state to decide on whether or not to keep regulated tariffs for electricity. The debate will continue in parliament in the coming weeks where Governances, Efficiency and Renewable directives are expected to be voted on in Strasbourg on the 15th of January.

EPSU believes that regulated tariffs should be kept as this could help to tackle the issue of energy poverty by guaranteeing access to energy to all EU citizens, regardless their income. This is a first step towards recognizing that the right to energy is a fundamental right, and one that is vital to our daily lives.

Background information:

With the figures on energy poverty in Europe rising, we need  to raise awareness on the causes and consequences of energy poverty - for latest figures click HERE

EPSU, member of the Right2Energy coalition, lobbying with environmental NGO’s and anti poverty associations, met with members of the European Parliament in the last weeks of 2017 in a hearing co-organised by four parliamentary groups.