European Commission publishes “Action Plan to tackle the gender pay gap from all possible angles”

(20 November 2017) The Action Plan prioritizes 8 areas for action:

  1. Improving the application of the equal pay principle
  2. Combating segregation in occupations and sectors
  3. Breaking the ceiling: initiatives to combat vertical segregation
  4. Tackling the care penalty
  5. Better valorizing women's skills, efforts and responsibilities
  6. Fighting the fog: unveiling inequalities and stereotypes
  7. Alerting and informing about the gender pay gap
  8. Lending hands: enhancing partnerships to tackle the gender pay gap

EPSU together with the European Trade Union Confederation published a joint press release.

EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan commented: “Concrete action and legislation to tackle the gender pay gap in all its forms is welcome. It is not acceptable that in several countries pay gaps are increasing. With the cuts in budgets for public services and with pay freezes, women employed in public services such as health, child, social and other care were targeted. We must stop austerity and promote decent pay rises and better working conditions for public service workers. We ask for increased funding for quality public services including in childcare and improved leave arrangements for men and women. We seek a forceful commitment from our employers and Member States to end the gender pay gap.”  

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