European and Global unions on human rights abuses in Afghanistan and on receiving refugees and stopping deportations

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@CanStock photo by PeterHermesFurian

(19 August 2021) The scenes of the fall of Kabul and take-over of the government of Afghanistan by the Taliban have sent shivers through the spines of many.  Reports on violence against women and girls do recall the brutality and oppression of the Taliban at the end of the nineties. The UN and many other bodies have issued calls to respect human rights and protect the advances that have been made especially for women.  ETUC and ITUC have issued statements reminding the international community that also a government of the Taliban has to respect international obligations including regarding women’s and human rights.  ETUC has called on the European institutions to ensure the Member States work together to ensure safe passage and asylum for those in danger. Women and girls wanting to leave should be assisted. Deportations to the country should be stopped immediately. Trade unionists, women’s and human rights activists, journalists and those campaigning for equality, democracy and freedom should be supported to get out of the country.

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Already IFJ reported that the female TV anchor #ShabnamDawran has been banned by Taliban to do her job on Afghanistan's state owned television. She was replaced by a man.

Facebook of the National Union of Afghan Workers and Employees (Not updated since July 2021)