European Agreement signed on Well-being at Work with GDF SUEZ

(27 November 2014) Today, Thursday 27 November, the European Industry federations EPSU and IndustriAll Europe have signed a European agreement with GDF SUEZ on improving quality of life at work. Through this agreement, GDF SUEZ recognises that since men and women constitute the principal strategic resource of the company, the company must look after the “physical, mental and social well-being” of all its employees. Well-being at work involves paying attention to each employee both as an individual and as part of a collective organisation. For EPSU and industriAll Europe this agreement certainly goes in the right direction, but its concrete implementation at local level must be closely monitored. The agreement aims to improve quality of life at work, looking at various aspects of the content of work and working conditions, opportunities for professional development, organisational changes and work-life balance. It also highlights the special responsibility of managers (from directors to managerial employees) regarding the issues of quality of life at work. The agreement establishes a framework that enables continuous improvement of quality of life at work in every country and entity through social dialogue and the involvement of all stakeholders. It supplements the commitments already made in previous European agreements on Health & Safety and Gender Equality and will apply to all subsidiaries of GDF SUEZ. Furthermore the company commits to promoting the agreement among its suppliers and subcontractors and encouraging them to apply the principles of this agreement in respect of their own employees.
- Signed agreement (in French)
- Agreement in 10 languages