European Action Day Against the Commercialisation, Marketisation and Privatisation of Health Care: Survey for EPSU Affiliates and Webpage

Survey to EPSU affiliates on the developments and instruments linked to the marketisation, commercialisation and privatisation of health care N.B.: This is work in progress. The survey will also still be adapted again in May/June 2016. Together with the EPSU Secretariat Belgian EPSU affiliates have prepared a survey (in EN, FR, DE and ES) to obtain first-hand information on main trends, instruments and consequences, including for the workers, the quality of the services and the health care systems. EPSU members are kindly asked to fill it in and to send it back to Sebastian Franco.

a) Analytic Grid: Overview - in EN, FR, DE and ES

b) Table with categories of analytic grid to be filled in (in EXCEL and CALC) - in EN, FR, DE and ES

- Webpage set up by the European Network Against Privatisation and Commercialisation of Health and Social Protection to monitor relevant developments and trends across Europe

N.B.: This is work in progress. The webpage will be updated in the next weeks and months

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