Europe’s unions speaking out against fascism and the extreme-right in Rome

CGIL FP Roma Italy 8 October

(10 October 2022) About a year ago on 9 October neo-fascists broke away from an anti-vaxx demonstration. They stormed the head quarters of CGIL, one of the Italian confederations. Windows were broken and offices damaged. Italian people were disgusted and showed their solidarity by joining various protests including in Rome. The then prime-minister visited CGIL and expressed his solidarity. EPSU and many affiliates sent solidarity letters and joined demonstrations in their countries. An EPSU delegation joined the Brussels demonstration.

A year later our solidarity is still strong. The EPSU General Secretary like many other union leaders joined a demonstration in Rome, 8 October. Then thousands marched the streets of Rome. We are disgusted by the attack. The EPSU representative said that violence as such and violence against unions and those who are different is at the core of fascism and the extreme right ideology. Addressing the thousands on Plaza di Popolo he stressed the role of public services and public administrations as the backbone of our democracies. Public services must be open and available to all. They are universal, democratic, antifascist and do not exclude. He ended his speech with Siamo tutti antifascisti, a strong commitment of EPSU to stand with workers and unions fighting the extreme right and fascism. 

And representatives of Italian social movements joined, from those defending the welfare state and better health care to organisations fighting for democracy. Friday's for futures representative stressed how important the struggle to stop climate change is for young people. There are no jobs on a dead planet. 

The demo further launched a 10 point plan of action seeking measures to address the current crisis. New actions were announced for the health sector seeking a national health service for 29 October.

The Ukrainian Unions sent a message of support. They stressed that their current struggle is one against an autocratic leader and authoritarian regime displaying many characteristics of fascism. Unions leaders condemned the talk in Russia to make nuclear strike acceptable. 23 October peace rallies will take place across the world to condemn this.

After the demo delegations met at the CGIL headoffice to open the renovated building since the attack. Works of art depicting the struggle of working people for a better life were on display. 

And while we were marching in Rome, unions organisations in Prague and Bratislava brought out thousands to the streets as well. The Czech and Slovak workers, like those in Italy and elsewhere seek measures to help those in difficulty due to rising prices and high inflation. EPSU expressed its solidarity with the unions in both countries. 

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EPSU General Secretary expresses solidarity greetings to the thousands of workers marching today in Rome CGIL demo', asking governments to listen to workers

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  • Czech unions were on the streets to demand measures from government and employers for workers and people to address Cost Of Living Crisis
  • Anti-poverty demonstration in Bratislava: end the Cost Of Living Crisis, 8 October 2022, Bratislava
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