Europe’s Industrial Strategy and Eco-Systems lack workers’ perspective

ETUF GS meeting 29 May 2021

(Brussels, 24 June 2021)  The European Commission has published its Industrial Sector and an overview of so-called eco-systems recently. The European Trade Union Federations and the ETUC are critical about the lack of engagement with the social partners at national and European level. They have requested the European Commission to clarify this underlining that worker participation and functioning social dialogue are the bedrock for an inclusive Just Transition. We want the European sectoral social dialogue committees to play a role.  We want Just Transitions for workers in all sectors, in every region of the EU. Politicians have to deliver this. 

We further seek a strengthening of collective bargaining, of union recognition and existing rights to worker participation, information and consultation, as well as European works councils for workers to be fully taken into account in the processes of anticipation and management of change.  We support the proposals of the so-called Cercas report on “Information and consultation of workers, anticipation and management of restructuring”, adopted by the European Parliament in January 2013. The Commission should respond and act. 

“Furthermore, we would stress that the framing of the eco-systems should also be subject to co-design. While, there is little logic in putting the social economy with security services on the one hand and ignoring other eco-systems which will be fundamental to ensuring a Just Transition entirely, such as the finance sector. The reorientation of the finance sector is vital for sustainable long-term investment. Private wealth has also to be tapped and redirected. Furthermore, in all of the eco-systems there are references to public policies and accessing public finance to support a Just Transition, but there is no reference to a ‘public sector eco-system’ itself and the need to build a resilient public sector in Europe.“ 

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