EU social partners in central governments agreed a joint contribution to the Commission consultation on fair minimum wages

SDC CGA joint position EC consultation fair minimum wages

EU social partners in central/federal governments, representing some 8 million employees, have agreed a joint contribution to the Commission’s first phase consultation of Social Partners on a possible action related to fair minimum wages.

This follows a discussion with the European Commission on its Consultation at the Social Dialogue Committee meeting  on 13 February last.

While not taking a position on a specific EU initiative, the unions led by EPSU and 18 central/federal governments in their capacity as employers welcome the Consultation as an opportunity to implement, with EU social partners, principle 6 on fair wages of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

They agree that  the right to collective bargaining especially at sectoral level and the autonomy of social partners are essential to achieve fairer wages and need to be promoted and respected.

After a decade of  public sector cuts in  wages, jobs and trade union rights, the contribution  seeks to send  a positive message towards better working and living conditions, shared economic prosperity, gender pay equality and sustainable funding of social protection systems across the EU

Text of the SDC CGA contribution to EC consultation  is available here in EN