The EU social dialogue committee adopts its workplan 2019/2020

At their working group meeting of 18 March in Brussels, the EU social partners EUPAE and EPSU-led TUNED adopted a new workprogramme for this year and next.

It sets out three main objectives:

First to complete the 18-month long EC-funded project on the impact on digitalisation and work/life balance based upon a research  and  a series of meetings in the course of 2019 with a final conference on 27 September. The expected outcome is a checklist of dos and don'ts that might kick off negotiations of a new agreement.

Second to follow up more consistently on agreed texts including:

  • The agreement, negotiated in line with TFEU Article 155.2, on information and consultation rights of workers and their representatives on matters such as restructuring with a view to reach EU legal standards. A social dialogue project will be submitted to the Commission in mid-2020 to assess the situation at national level on where we are at since the adoption of the Agreement in Dec. 2015
  • The autonomous agreement on quality of administrations with first a  focus on services geared towards migrants and asylum-seekers based on a collection of case studies or research regarding working conditions and staffing in those services. A first discussion took place on 18 March with  presentations of the situation in Spain, Italy and Sweden by the trade union representatives.  A second focus; also planned for this year, will be on fighting corruption with the organisation of an event possibly in cooperation with transparency organisations
  • Further to the adoption of the 2010 EU multisectoral guidelines on prevention of third party violence and harassment in December 2018 under the aegis of the European Commission, as a result of the project held in 2017 on assessing and preventing psycho-social risks at work, a joint event with the guidelines’ signatories in 2020 

Third, to influence the Commission’s recommendations on public administration modernisation in the context of the Semester on the basis of the above-mentioned autonomous agreement on a quality administration which sets out 20 commitments towards citizens and public employees based upon the shared values of rule of law, neutrality, accountability, accessibility/welcoming, transparency, equal treatment and respect of trade union rights.

A final draft of the workprogramme was endorsed by the EPSU NEA committee of 28 February last.
The Social Dialogue meeting was attended by 38 delegates from 19 countries
Text of the workplan is available here in EN