EU proposal on waiver in WTO does not go far enough

Support the ECI right to cure support the Trips waiver

(8 June 2021) The TRIPS Council of the World Trade Organisation meets today. On the agenda a proposal of the EU how to assist making vaccines available. EPSU considers the proposal as a delaying and diversion tactic. It does not go far enough.

Many countries, the European and global labour movement and organisations in health, social justice and development the world over have argued that the WTO should agree to the waiver of intellectual property rights. The EU via the European Commission is flatly refusing to consider this.  And while the EU and other richer countries are now able to provide vaccines to young people as of the age of 12, in many countries vaccines are not reaching the elderly, vulnerable and health and social care staff. This needs to change.

EPSU supports the report in the European Parliament that calls for a temporary waiver. It will be voted upon this Wednesday and we have called on MEPs to support it.

Already 200.000 people have signed the European Citizen’s Initiative Right2Cure.They call on the European Commission and the European Parliament to support the waiver. You can sign that ECI here.

For more information on the arguments for the waiver.

For our letter to the European Parliament Members